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WHSKYDX Sketchy Plates

WHSKYDX Sketchy Plates

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Crafted with premium quality metal, this plate is designed for...well, you know...need we say more?

- 7x4 

- Two (2) Bolt Holes

Your Choice: Do Good Recklessly or FTW


*Note: The Sketchy Plate is a novelty item and is not street legal. Please see liability disclaimer below.*

**Liability Disclaimer:**

*Whiskey Dicks Moto Co. advises that The Sketchy Plate is intended for off-road use only and is not street legal. This novelty license plate is designed for decorative purposes and does not comply with legal requirements for motorcycle license plates. Use of The Sketchy Plate on public roads may result in fines or legal consequences. Whiskey Dicks Moto Co. assumes no responsibility for any misuse of this product or any resulting liabilities. By purchasing The Sketchy Plate, the buyer acknowledges and accepts these terms and agrees to use the product responsibly and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.*

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